About 805jewels

Vanessa Farrow
Vanessa Farrow grew up enjoying the beach in Galveston, TX, an island south of Houston, TX. As a child, she would look forward to her yearly summer visits to see her grandmother in her mother's hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. Vanessa feels a strong connection to Santa Barbara, because of the wonderful childhood memories created there, and the positive energy that permeates throughout the city of Santa Barbara.
805jewels is the creative product of Vanessa's love for the beach, beautiful sunsets, nature, and spirituality. Angel Number 805 is a message that positive choices and changes will bring long term benefits to your life and brings the courage to focus on things that bring you happiness and joy. 805 is also Santa Barbara's area code. No wonder Santa Barbara is so special! Vanessa saw the number 805 often when she was creating her brand.